Woman 2 Woman Campaign

Woman 2 Woman Campaign

This is a women’s issue that must have a helping hand from one woman to the next. Will you help? Since this is an education campaign, our organization is asking you to show our website to your friends and family, discuss it, and ask them if they will do two things; ask them to donate a few dollars and then meet with some family and friends to do what you just did.

Invite – Discuss – Donate – Start the education cycle again as each
woman shares with her own friends and family.

If you take a picture of your group, we can post it to our Facebook page. Email the Group Organizer’s name with the photo to: simone@healthinformationsociety.org

Mail your group’s donations to: Health Information Society, 6962 SVL Box, Victorville, CA 92395. We can send back donation receipts if you provide names and amounts.

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