FDA Warning for Valproate Used During Pregnancy
Fact: Depakote (Valproate) Lowers A Baby’s IQ 7-10 Points
Fact: Other anti-seizure drugs can have a detrimental effect on a baby’s brain while still being formed in the womb
These drugs are used by women who have epilepsy, migraines, and psychological issues
There is still no nationwide governmental program in place to educate women who have used these medications, or women in general, about changes AEDs can make to a baby's brain before birth.
If you hear about us through the Woman 2 Woman Campaign please write us to give us your contact information so we can include you in Search/Survey when it is up and running.
Now, all women should know that AEDs are one of the hazards to prenatal development. All women should know a woman taking these medications must have pre-planning talks with her neurologist before becoming pregnant. That includes women
taking the medication for migraines and psychological disorders.
Help us raise money for doctors to do more research on how anti-seizure medications affect a baby's brain before birth.
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Woman 2 Woman Campaign

Woman 2 Woman Campaign

This is a women’s issue that must have a helping hand from one woman to the next. Will you help? Since this is an education campaign, our organization is asking you to show our website to your friends and family, discuss it, and ask them if they will do two things; ask them to donate a few dollars and then meet with some family and friends to do what you just did.

Invite – Discuss – Donate – Start the education cycle again as each
woman shares with her own friends and family.

If you take a picture of your group, we can post it to our Facebook page. Email the Group Organizer’s name with the photo to: simone@healthinformationsociety.org

Mail your group’s donations to: Health Information Society, 6962 SVL Box, Victorville, CA 92395. We can send back donation receipts if you provide names and amounts.

INTERVIEW WITH DR. KIMFORD MEADOR – AUGUST 2018 UPDATE – The Truth About Anti-epileptic Drugs And Pregnancy

“It is less the money than the focus of the money and what it is doing. You could throw money and waste it and not be using it well. I have very specific ideas about how that money could be spent.”

Your MONEAD study received continued funding?

We did get funded, so we are moving ahead with the study. We have completed all the pregnancies, now. Later this summer we will have finished the first point of cognitive testing with the kids which is two years of age. We will follow them to age six because it is the best predictor of outcomes. » Read more

INTERVIEW WITH DR. KIMFORD MEADOR – The Truth About Antiepileptic Drugs And Pregnancy


Dr. Kimford Meador is a Professor of Neurology and Neurosciences at Stanford University, and Clinical Director, Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. You can read Dr. Meador’s complete bio by clicking HERE.

Interview with Dr. Meador by: Simone L Graham – Executive Director HIS » Read more

The MONEAD study- Maternal Outcomes of Neurological Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs

The MONEAD Study – Maternal Outcomes of Neurological Effects of Anti-epileptic Drugs

“One of the key questions that this study is exploring is if the medicines the mothers-to-be must take to control seizures have a negative, lasting impact on their babies’ developing brains.”

“Although the majority of children born to mothers with epilepsy are normal, they are at increased risk for developmental delay. It is possible that the anti-epileptics drugs taken during the mother’s pregnancy may adversely affect the child, but the vast majority of these mothers do not have the choice of stopping the medication because the risk of seizures causing injury or death to both the mother and the child are greater than the risks of the medications. Thus, it is critical for us to understand if there are differences between the anti-epileptic drugs in their effects on the child’s ultimate cognitive abilities and behavior. Without this information, patients and their physicians cannot choose the medicine which is best for the child.”

Participate In Our Survey

Please Participate In Our Survey

Were you pregnant while taking AEDs?  When you find us, we find you!  We will contact you about the survey when we are ready to begin. Send us your contact information with a note expressing you interest in participating.

The Search/ Survey will:

  • Inform all women who use or have used AEDs that these medications can alter their baby’s brain.
  • Determine how many children have been affected.
  • Determine how many asperger or autistic cases resulted from AED exposure during pregnancy.
  • Identify learning and communication problems these children have.